“Michael” Episode Analysis

Hey everyone!

So… I’m a bit late on analyzing last Tuesday’s episode of Glee titled “Michael”. I’m sorry for the delay but since I am in school, I have midterms and assignments to prepare for but now…. my time is all yours!

I may be speaking for myself, but I think it is safe to say that the episode was awesome (which episode of Glee isn’t awesome?!).

Again, kudos to the cast for their great musical numbers that were performed GREAT in honor of the King of Pop. Songs that were in the show were:

  • Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
  • Bad
  • Scream
  • Never Can Say Goodbye
  • Black Or White
  • Human Nature
  • Ben
  • Smooth Criminal
  • I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

It is obvious, by my previous posts, that I was anxious for “Smooth Criminal” but I have to say that after the episode, I was left is awe by all of the songs. The two that I have had stuck in my head since Tuesday are “Ben” and “Human Nature”. (You will come to see that I am more so a fan of slower songs).

Now for the issues.

Major issues and situations that this episode focused on were:

  • Marriage
  • Future Plans
  • Moving Away
  • Competition
  • Bullying
  • Trust
  • Violence
  • Revenge
  • Rivalry
  • Surgery/Injury

Since I am so late on posting this (I’m sorry guys ill try my best to not have this happen often), I am only going to discuss one issue that really stood out for me and was a main part of the episode.

Keep in mind, if you want me to expand on or write about different issues, please do not hesitate to comment at the bottom of this post or email me (find email on Contact page) and I will gladly write more for you.


  • This was a very unexpected storyline for this episode (well, for me anyways). Blaine got a ‘salt rock’ red slushy to the face by Sebastian during the ‘Bad’ performance. Even though this topic may seem minor to some people, I believe it is one that we should definitely discuss especially because I can relate to it (I will usually write about things I can relate to so I can ensure that I am giving you the best information I can). Since Blaine’s cornea is deeply scratched, he will need to undergo surgery and will most likely miss more Glee Club meetings and performances. I can really relate to Blaine with this because last year I had to miss more than have of soccer season because of surgery that I had on my shoulder. Missing something that you love and have a passion for is something that is really hard to do when it brings you the most happiness. The fact that Kurt, Rachel and Finn went and sang “Ben” to Blaine to show how they will support him through this times is exactly what someone needs who is unable to do something they love because of injury. By bringing music to him and supporting him during a probably nerve wracking time for Blaine, they showed him that they will be will him until he recovers, giving him inspiration to heal faster and know that he will be back doing what he loves before he knows it.
    [Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: Created by Stanford Medical History Center]

I hope you all loved the episode as much as I did!

Don’t forget to check in here every so often for more updates… I have a few good ones coming soon!

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