“The Spanish Teacher” Episode Analysis

Hola Everyone!

The “Spanish Teacher” episode of Glee was great, although I have to admit to not understanding a lot of the words that were said in it, particularly when Ricky Martin spoke.

Some of the great Spanish songs that were featured in the show were:

  • La Cucaracha
  • Sexy And I Know It
  • La Isla Bonita
  • Don’t Wanna Lose You
  • Bamboleo/Hero
  • A Little Less Conversation

I’m not particularly a fan of the song “Sexy And I Know It” (sorry for all of the LMFAO fans), but I feel that Ricky Martin’s character did a great job with this song.

Now to discuss the issues in this episode.

This episode did not focus on too many major issues and situations, but here are still ones that I feel this episode focused on.

  • Fertility/Infertility/In Vitro
  • Passion
  • Engagement
  • Future Plans
  • Education

Again, I am only going to choose a few to focus on and discuss, but if you are interested in me discussing any other issues just comment at the bottom of this post or contact me (visit Contact Page).

Fertility/Infertility/In Vitro

  • I feel that this was a very important topic to have on though show following Quinn’s storyline. The how has already confronted what can happen when you have a baby when you are not ready, but what about the people who are ready to have a baby and are unable to? Of course, this issue was partially shown when Shelby adopted Beth, but I feel by focusing on a different topic such as in vitro, more audience members were being reached in being able to relate to the show. Without naming names to allow people their privacy, I in fact know someone who has had to go through in vitro fertilization to become a mother. Though there may be people who view this as a touchy subject and something that may not be considered ‘natural’, I ask you this question; how are you able to tell the difference between a child that was created through intercourse, or one that was created through in vitro fertilization? However the child is born, their parents will love it. Creating life may now be more advanced than it used to be, but if the child is born into a loving family, than I say all the best to the family. I think Sue will make a great mother for her ‘possible’ child and I look forward to the development of this story line.
    [Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: Created by MestreechCity]


  • Passion was in this episode, and I’m not talking about kissing or lovemaking. I’m talking about the passion that people but behind something they love, and in this episode, it was through the teachers in the school that passion was being demonstrated. In particular, I am going to focus on the passion Emma has as a guidance counsellor. I have to admit, before, I never really understood some of Emma’s ways of trying to get through to the student with her oddly titled pamphlets. In this episode, we learned that Emma does her odd pamphlets because she finds it to be a way to relate to the students and get them to listen. This is exactly what a teacher is supposed to do; try and relate to their students and teach them in a way that best relates to them. I have to say that I now view Emma’s approach to being a counselor completely differently than I did before. She truly does but her passion directly into her work.


  • This week we got a taste of the intelligence Santana has. The show has never really focused on Santana in regards to school (her future or if she even goes to class) so to see that she puts a lot of importance behind her education is something nice to see. I am happy that the show brought attention to the fact that some teachers may be trying, but are not fully making an impact on their class or their student education. By Santana (and even Becky) bringing up to the principle that they would like to see an improvement in their teachers teaching tactics, it shows viewers that they should not be afraid to speak up. Education is one of the most important things that people can have now a days so everyone should make sure they are getting the best quality of it that they can.
    [Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: Created by  jordi sunshine comas]

I will be posting more things soon for next weeks Valentines episode titled “Hearts” so don’t forget to check back soon!

***If anyone wants me to expand on or discuss certain issues, just send a comment and I will be happy to write about it for you***

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