A Glee Discussion of Suicide and Self-Injury

Hello Everyone,

I am confident that everyone will agree with me when I say that the last episode of Glee was the most dramatic and informative episode that has been made. The writers are becoming more confident in the impact that the show is having within society that the issues are becoming more and more about serious matters. Within this episode, one of the main issues that are discussed is suicide and self-injury.

After being seen on Valentines Day in a restaurant with openly gay teen Kurt Hummel, David Karofsky became the target of humiliation in his high school locker room. The word ‘fag’ was spray painted across his locker and as he left the room humiliated, he continued to be harassed verbally and online about being ‘gay’. After a week of this torture, David decided that the only way to escape this pain was to take his own life by hanging himself within the closet (ironic that he did this ‘in the closet’).
[Photo Credit: Melissa DeGasperis]

This just shows how the power of our words can impact someone and hurt them. Our words can stab someone like a knife and leave internal scars that cannot be seen, but will never go away. People must begin realizing that when they do not have something good to say to someone they should not say anything at all. Every person in the world is unique and different from one another and should respect each others differences.
[Photo Credit: Melissa DeGasperis]

Ending bullying begins with you.

3 comments on “A Glee Discussion of Suicide and Self-Injury

  1. I read your blog and I think that it is absolutely amazing. I am a huge fan of Glee, and you definitely described the different ways the show educates and brings awareness to so many different causes.
    I think the design of your blog is nice, and I like the photo’s you’ve added as well. (The header photo is my favourite)
    I think that adding a widget at the side for easy access to all your different posts is smart. And something else I love in your blog are the titles of each post.
    Everything is very well written, your interview that you conducted was really good, and the fact that you have so many videos makes it even more exciting. You show clips of the episodes and post songs from them.
    Love your blog & hope to read more!
    Chantelle Smith

  2. I am a fan of the show “Glee”, I’ve been watching it since season one and I have to say that episode had me in tears. The subject matter was so touchy that I couldn’t help it. The way that it was handled (on the show) was perfect it made the point and brought awareness to the issues of bullying and well as teen suicide and I feel like you did a great job with your blog post and the pictures are amazing! The message with the pills was a very creative touch.

    The songs in the sidebar was a great touch to your blog by the way! Talking about glee while listening to glee great combination! I look forward to reading more from you (just clicked the follow button!)

    Keshyla Reddick

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