3 comments on “Texting and Driving

  1. First off, well done. You did an excellent job at getting your message across. I couldn’t agree more that there should be a greater focus on how Quinn got to were she was after the accident, rather then where she will go from there.
    It’s clear that not everyone can see the repercussions of their actions while texting and driving, so this can be an eye opener for the viewers of Glee.
    Personally I can hardly even change the station on the radio while driving let alone text. Not only are you distracted, but you’re removing a hand from the wheel which can cause you to drift into other lanes or effect your reaction time. Sloppy, careless driving can only lead to one thing.
    A distracted driver is a driver who risks everyone on the road. I stand behind your video and I will be taking the pledge.
    Please don’t text and drive!

    Erica Mota.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I like that you’re against texting and driving. A lot of people do not take into consideration how dangerous driving can be. Also, multitasking proves to be extremely difficult for a number of people, and driving is the one task that requires full attention.
    It is also quite expensive to use a cellphone while driving. Police will ticket drivers for simply having a cellphone in hand while stopped at red lights. I like that you’re creating awareness.
    I also enjoy your blog as a whole. The format is very inviting, and there is a lot of information here. Excellent work Melissa DeGasperis.

    Leah Daize

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