The Bond of Music

Hey Everyone,

Before I post the episode analysis of Tuesday night’s episode, I would like to share a video with all of you that I titled “The Bond of Music”.

Glee discusses disabilities a lot of the time, especially now with Quinn’s return.

My brother Aaron is an epileptic due to an allergic reaction to an immunization needle he had at 6 months old. He will never be able to walk or talk and is prone to having seizures.

This narrative video is about how we speak to each other through music, and have created an everlasting and unbreakable bond.

If any one has any questions, please just Contact me, or write a comment.

Don’t forget to come back soon for Tuesday nights episode analysis!

One comment on “The Bond of Music

  1. Melissa you are marvelous, love the video and the captivating relationship you share with Aaron through music. Keep the music in your hearts, and the passion of learning a new instrument alive.
    Love you both
    Auntie Brenda

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