For anyone who would like to contact me about issues that they would like to discuss or think that I should add, you should either post a comment directly to the blog, or e-mail me personally at

Don’t be afraid to ask anything!

4 comments on “Contact

  1. Hello, I have a research paper to do and It has to be something that inspired the world. And I honestly think glee did. So I wanted your opinion if I should do it or not?
    -Sarah the biggest glee fan. (:

    • Hello Sarah!

      I would definitely do a research paper on how Glee has inspired the world! If you need any help or would like any advice, just let me know.

      How long does your research paper have to be and how many sources are you required to have?

  2. I am doing a speech on a “Person of the Year” and I am most likely going to choose Glee. I found this website, and had some questions. Is this just you posting? Or are there other people’s stories here too? If not, do you know of any website where people share their Glee inspired stories?

  3. Hello! Sorry about the late reply.

    Yes, I am the only person who is posting onto this site. As for sites that share inspiration stories, i suggest youtube. That is where i first came up with the idea to do this website, and you will also be able to see people talking and capture there emotions physically.

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